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Saw-scaled Viper
  • Average length 30 – 50 cm,
  • Smallest snake among the venomous snakes of India,
  • Blackish gray body with white zig zag pattern on either side,
  • Triangular head with distinct arrow marked on head,
  • Pair of poisonous hypodermic needle like teeth connected to poisonous salivary glands,
  • It has saw like scales on back through which it can produce whistling sound by rubbing,
  • Inject 40 - 45 mg. venom/bite,
  • Lethal dose is 5 mg.,
  • Poisonous effect start from 2 hours to 3 days.
  • Body short, stout
  • Scales strongly keeled, rough in appearance.
  • Head distinctly broader than neck; scales on upper surface of head small, strongly keeled.
  • Large eye has vertical pupil
  • Tail very short, thin. Light, dark brown, brick-red, gray or sand colored with zigzag patterns on back.
  • Top of head has usually distinct, arrow-head mark. Underside white speckled with brown.
  • Mainly nocturnal, will bask in the morning sun.
  • Mostly found in open dry, sandy or rocky terrain in the plains and hills, and also in open, rocky regions of heavy rainfall.
  • Rests under rocks, behind bark, at the base of thorny plants during the day.
  • Climbs well, Moves fast by sidewinding.
  • Feeds on mice, Lizards, frogs, scorpions nd insects.
  • Bears 4-8 live young between april-August.
  • Females may produces two clutches a year.
  • When alarmes, inflates lung and rubs saw-edges scales together to make a rasping sound
  • Quick to strike when provoked
  • Venon very toxic, one of India’s Big Four; bites should be treated with antivenom serum.
  • Mostly bite at day time while routine farm work,
  • Mostly on extremities,
  • Incidences through out the year,
  • Swelling & bleeding at bite site,
  • Bite marks medium size,
  • severe pain at bite site,
  • Haemoptysis,
  • haematuria,
  • haemetamesis,
  • Inj. TT,
  • Antibiotics,
  • IV fluids,
  • ASVS in infusion
  • Loading dose of ASVS to control bleeding,
  Dr. D. C. Patel M. S. (Gen. Surg.)

Wide Experience in treating Snake bite patients since last 18 years, with having very less mortality. In year 2004, 449 patients were treated & NOT A SINGLE DEATH WHILE TREATMENT.
(0% Mortality) .

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