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Russell's Kukri Snake

  • Scales smooth.
  • Head slightly or not broader than neck.
  • Eyes has round Pupil; short tail has pointed tip.
  • Markings on head and back extremely variable.
  • Though active by day and night, frequently seen at dusk.
  • Found in forests as well as near human habitation.
  • Climbs well.
  • Eats reptile and amphibian eggs; captive specimens ate small lizards.
  • Has sharp flattened, curved teeth useful for slicing into reptile eggs.
  • Young feed on insects, grubs and spiders.
  • Lays 3-9 eggs in late June.
  • The enlarged rostral suggests that this is a burrower and indeed, captive specimen will burro into cage soil.
  • Generally quiet docile, will flatten body and strike sideways when provoked.
  Dr. D. C. Patel M. S. (Gen. Surg.)

Wide Experience in treating Snake bite patients since last 18 years, with having very less mortality. In year 2004, 449 patients were treated & NOT A SINGLE DEATH WHILE TREATMENT.
(0% Mortality) .

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