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Indian Rock Python
  • Thick bodied, smooth scales.
  • Head broader than neck.
  • Eye has vertical pupil.
  • Scale at stout tip and first two upper lip scales have heat sensitive pits.
  • Upper surface of head has large scales of different shapes and sizes.
  • Color: yellowish to brown with asymmetrical dark brown, black edges blotches.
  • Upper head scales are small
  • Nocturnal.
  • Inhabit estuarine mangrove forests, arid scrub jungle, rain forests and grasslands.
  • Prey in mainly warm-blooded
  • Females lay upto 107 eggs in march – june and remained coiled to them fpr 60-80 days.
  Dr. D. C. Patel M. S. (Gen. Surg.)

Wide Experience in treating Snake bite patients since last 18 years, with having very less mortality. In year 2004, 449 patients were treated & NOT A SINGLE DEATH WHILE TREATMENT.
(0% Mortality) .

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