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Common Kukri Snake
  • Scales smooth.
  • Head slightly or not broader then neck.
  • Eye has round pupil
  • Short tail has pointed tip.
  • Brown back with 10-20 distinct black or dark brown bands.
  • Belly glossy white.
  • Nocturnal and crepuscular.
  • Found in termite moulds, caves, crevices, tree holes and old houses.
  • Has sharp, flattened, curve teeth useful for slicing reptile eggs.
  • Young feed on insects and their larvae, spiders and gecko eggs.
  • Adults eat raptile eggs, gecoks, skinks and small mice.
  • Lays 3-9 eggs at a time in March - june
  Dr. D. C. Patel M. S. (Gen. Surg.)

Wide Experience in treating Snake bite patients since last 18 years, with having very less mortality. In year 2004, 449 patients were treated & NOT A SINGLE DEATH WHILE TREATMENT.
(0% Mortality) .

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